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Showa University was founded with the aim of nurturing clinicians with a wealth of humanity and ability to achieve.

In 1928, Kamijo, Shusuke, MD PhD, in his youth, could not help but question the medical education in national universities by staff spending all day in research. He proposed the need for teaching basic clinical ability(knowledge, skill and attitude) for future physicians to be able to directly reach with their hands to elucidate the very reason of patient suffering. With colleagues in symphony, Showa Medical College was founded. Dr. Kamijo proposed 'as a good citizen / as a good human / as a good physician' to be the educational goal and with fiery passion and un-movable conviction, he devoted himself to the establishment of the ideal medical education and medical care that can be trusted by patients.

Such a forerunning spirit developed into the university-founding spirit of 'Shisei Ikkan'. This spirit of always being sincere to others and viewing their standpoint is tightly intertwined in the clinical scene of today. After World War II, Showa Medical College status was changed to Showa University with the aim towards the cultivation of not only physicians but also a wide range of clinical staff and researchers. With the establishment of the 3 schools, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences, Showa University is a general medical university, which actively contributes to the development of the field of medicine.

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