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Application Process for International Fellows: Important Information and Procedures

**The application period for the 2020/2021 program is now closed**

Thank you for your interest in Showa University’s International Postgraduate Program. This page provides general information about this program as well as documents required for submitting your application, which can be found at the bottom. More specific information about this program can be found in the “Program Information Manual”, also found at the bottom of this page.
**Please note: applicants from sister school universities/individual schools with exchange agreements should apply through their international exchange office**
**If space is available, we may accept approximately 1-2 fellows from institutions that do NOT have a sister school agreement or exchange agreement with Showa University**
If you have any other questions not found on this page or in the manual, please contact the International Exchange Center at int-exc@ofc.showa-u.ac.jp

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this program?

  1. To study in a clinical department at Showa University (medical, dental, pharmacy, or nursing and rehabilitation sciences) and learn about the latest treatment and technology being used in Japan.

  1. To conduct and publish research with a faculty member at Showa University.]
  1. By participating in this international training and research program:
a.     Fellows can return home and use their knowledge from Showa University to help advance their career and improve the quality of medical care/research in their home country.
b.     Fellows can come to know about Showa University, with the hope that they continue to collaborate with the university throughout their career. This is especially true for fellows who come from universities that have sister school or exchange agreements with Showa University.

Who is eligible to apply?

Early-career medical professionals or related researchers who have already their degree (M.D., D.D.S., Pharm.D., M.S., Ph.D., etc.) and received their license, if applicable. 
In addition, we encourage and prioritize applicants from sister school universities or exchange universities with Showa University. You can find a full list of our sister school universities and individual schools with exchange agreements on our International Exchange page. For these applicants, please contact your university’s international exchange office to start the process.
**Applicants from other institutions may also apply, but we might only accept approximately 1-2 as fellows if space is available.**

Can I treat patients in this program?

 Only fellows who receive the special “advance clinical training” option from the Japanese government can treat patients during their stay in Japan. However, the application process for this option can only start after your arrival to Japan and based on the decision of your department and faculty sponsor.

How long is the training period?

 1 year. This program follows the Japanese academic year and starts from April 1st-March 31st

Are there any fees of expenses?

There are no application or tuition fees. Free housing is also available for international fellows (see below). However, if accepted, fellows are responsible for their airfare to/from Japan.

Is there a scholarship?

For fellows who attend for 1 year, a monthly stipend of JPY 100,000 is available. Fellows are not eligible for this scholarship if they are already receiving any kind of scholarship from another group/organization.

Is there housing?

Fellows staying for 1 year are guaranteed free housing in the in the form of an international dormitory located on the Hatanodai campus (more information on Housing page). However, housing is currently limited to 12 dormitory rooms. International fellows who wish to stay a shorter period may also apply for this housing, subject to availability. 

When is the application period?

The application period is open from May 1st to June 30th.  For applicants from sister school/exchange universities with Showa University, please contact your university’s international exchange office to start the application process. For applicants from other universities/institutions, online application materials will be available for download on this page during this period. 
Applications sent after July 1st, 12 A.M. Japan Standard Time (JST), will not be accepted.
Below are some other helpful dates:
October/November: Official decision of next year’s fellows, housing, and scholarship
End of February: Showa University receives visa approval from Japanese government and mails official “certificate of eligibility” to fellows 
Early April: Arrive to Showa University; move into dormitory; do orientation; start program 
However, dates might slightly differ for the School of Dentistry, SUITE, and Digestive Disease Center at Showa University Koto Toyosu Hospital, so we highly recommend that applicants confirm with those departments/centers directly.

What’s the application process?

  1. For applicants from universities with sister school agreements or exchange agreements with Showa University, first contact your university’s international exchange office to start the application process and submit your application materials to that office. 
  2. For other applicants, complete and submit the required materials to the International Exchange Center (int-exc@ofc.shwoa-u.ac.jp) at Showa University. Please address the title of your email “International Fellow Application-2019”. You can download a checklist of required materials plus other application forms at the bottom of this page.
All fellows must choose a department they are interested in and find a faculty member in that department who will sponsor them. However, if you do not know any faculty from Showa University, the International Exchange Center can help match you with potential sponsors based on your responses in your application form. In your application form, please list possible department(s) you are interested in studying (a list of departments/centers that have hosted fellows recently can be found on our Research and Training Opportunities page).

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