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Press Conference on “eICU” Program from Showa University and Phillips Company

18 Jul. 2018

On May 28, Showa University and Philips Corporation announced the construction and operation of intensive care unit (eICU) monitoring program. This collaboration was based on a support project through the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in February, 2017. The eICU is network system that connects intensive care units (ICU) of multiple hospitals with a support center, and the status/data of each ICU patient is monitored by doctors and nurses at the support center. This program has been introduced at more than 500 facilities throughout the world, but in Asia Showa University Hospital and Showa University Koto Toyosu Hospital are the first facilities to introduce it.  Introduction of eICU is expected to solve specialist shortages, improve ICU utilization efficiency, promote regional medical cooperation to provide high-quality and safe medical care, etc. In the United States, a study showed that eICU reduced ICU length of stay by 20%.
At the press conference, which was attended by many members of the news media, Professor Koji Otake, Vice Director of Showa University Hospital and Director of eICU Program, and Associate Professor Toru Kotani, Director of Intensive Care Medicine at Showa University Hospital, gave an overview of eICU as well as specific initiatives. Showa University released a message stating “the philosophy of this university is to cultivate clinicians who can contribute to society through absolute sincerity and dedication, the words of our founder. The joint study of industry, government, and academia, which will return profits to the local community around here, exactly fits our philosophy." In addition, on-site inspections were held to examine the effectiveness of eICU. 


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    • Press Conference on “eICU” Program from Showa University and Phillips Company
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