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Comprehensive Cooperative Agreement Concluded with Tokyo University of Agriculture

24 Aug. 2018

Showa University has concluded a comprehensive cooperative agreement with Tokyo University of Agriculture. In the future, both universities will ensure to develop and enhance the fields of medicine/agriculture/biotechnology and promote as well as develop medical agriculture through the cooperation of education/research.
The signing ceremony was held on August 2 at Tokyo University of Agriculture Setagaya Campus and Dr. Katsuji Oguchi, Chairman of the Board of Showa University, and Dr. Kanju Ozawa, Chairman of the Board of Tokyo University of Agriculture, signed the agreement. 
Both universities’ founding philosophies emphasize practical education. Dr. Shunsuke Kamijo, the founder of Showa University, established our university under the philosophy of cultivating clinicians with practical skills, rather than the overemphasis of academics/research, and Dr. Tokiyoshi Yokoi, first president of Tokyo University of Agriculture, aimed to train agricultural successors/local community leaders based on the school’s motto of “Practical Science” and their fundamental principle of “Returning Man to the World”.   
Due to these common points above as well as that our universities are both conducting research related to life and medicine/agriculture (respectively), we have entered into this comprehensive collaborative agreement in order to encourage human resource development, etc., while sharing each other's ideals.
Collaboration Contents
1.Matters related to the improvement of medical education, agricultural education, and biological science education as well as life science education
2.Matters related to supporting and cultivating students’ minds and hearts 
3.Matters related to academic exchange and collaborative research
4.Matters related to cooperation of support that makes full use of the specialized fields/areas of both universities
5.Matters related to the exchange of staff and students
6.Matters related to the contribution to society and the community
7.Other matters deemed necessary


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    • Comprehensive Cooperative Agreement Concluded with Tokyo University of Agriculture
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