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Letter of Appreciation by Japanese Olympic Committee

13 Sep. 2018

On September 9, Dr. Katsuji Oguchi, Chairman of the Board, was presented a letter of appreciation by Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) Executive Board member Mr. Ichiro Hoshino.
Dr. Oguchi was honored for Showa University’s use of the JOC’s employment support navigation for top athletes “AthNavi” and has employed three female ice hockey players – Miho Shishiuchi, Moeko Fujimoto, and Rui Ukita – as staff members to support their strengthening activities and efforts to improve their international competitiveness. 
The three were representatives of Japan at the 2018 Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang, South Korea and played ice hockey on the Women’s National Ice Hockey Team, where they contributed to the team’s first victory in the Olympics.
In the future, under new head coach Mr. Yuji Iizuka (also staff at Showa University) we will continue to provide support so that they can make further progress at the 2022 Winter Olympics at Beijing, China.

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    • Letter of Appreciation by Japanese Olympic Committee
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