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Participation in Hatanodai neighborhood festival

16 Oct. 2018

n September 8 and 9, the Hatanodai neighborhood around Showa University held their annual festival, and our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Katsuji Oguchi; President, Dr. Ryohei Koide; Director of Showa University Hospital, Dr. Kazuo Itahashi; and many other students and staff participated in the event.
Students carrying the portable shrine (“mikoshi”) paraded with other residents around the campus and Showa University Hospital and throughout the town with cheers.
This festival is part of the main festival held every year on the second Saturday and Sunday of September at Hatagaoka Hachiman Shrine near Ebara-machi station, where the neighborhoods around the shrine carry their portable shrines around and pray for safety of our area.


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    • Participation in Hatanodai neighborhood festival
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