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25 Oct. 2019
Exchange Agreement with University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology
28 Aug. 2019
Associate Professor Kris Siriratsivawong Awarded the 15th Kenichi Uemura Award at the 22nd Japan Society for Medical English Education (JASMEE) Academic Meeting
10 Jun. 2019
2019 Welcome Party for International Research Fellows
10 Apr. 2019
Exchange Agreement Concluded with D.A. Pandu Memorial R.V. Dental College & Hospital of India
9 Apr. 2019
2018-2019 Showa University Graduation Ceremony
29 Mar. 2019
Exchange Agreement Concluded with Central Chest Institute of Thailand
27 Mar. 2019
Visit by Dean of School of Dentistry, Kyung Hee University
18 Mar. 2019
2019 Certificate Award Ceremony and Farewell Party
18 Mar. 2019
Showa University Faculty Invited Guests at Mahasarakham University Faculty of Pharmacy 20th Anniversary Celebration
18 Dec. 2018
2018 Winter Illuminations of Showa University’s Campuses
18 Dec. 2018
2018 Showa University Madagascar Cleft Lip and Palate Medical Cooperative Dispatch Report Meeting
7 Dec. 2018
Visit of Faculty and Graduate Students from Mahasarakham University
3 Dec. 2018
Visit by the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Japan
19 Nov. 2018
Seminar on Undergraduate Wellbeing and Resilience by Dr. Ania Korszun
16 Oct. 2018
Showa University Graduate School Fall Term Graduation Ceremony
16 Oct. 2018
School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony Held
16 Oct. 2018
Participation in Hatanodai neighborhood festival
1 Oct. 2018
Completion of all activities of Showa University Cleft Lip and Palate Medical Cooperative Dispatch
20 Sep. 2018
Start of Activities of Showa University Cleft Lip and Palate Medical Cooperative Dispatch
13 Sep. 2018
Letter of Appreciation by Japanese Olympic Committee
12 Sep. 2018
Inauguration ceremony held for Showa University Cleft Lip and Palate Medical Cooperative Dispatch to Madagascar
30 Aug. 2018
[University Press Release] Working together with AI for Colonoscopy Exam: Accuracy Clearly Revealed at Clinical Site
24 Aug. 2018
Comprehensive Cooperative Agreement Concluded with Tokyo University of Agriculture
21 Aug. 2018
Patent acquired on materials for meniscus regeneration and method for manufacturing material for meniscus regeneration
17 Aug. 2018
Fuji Mountain Race Volunteer Participants
10 Aug. 2018
Assistant Professor Junichi Tanaka from School of Dentistry Recipient of Travel Award to International Society of Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)
18 Jul. 2018
Press Conference on “eICU” Program from Showa University and Phillips Company
15 Jun. 2018
International Research Fellows Welcome Party 2018
11 May. 2018
Showa University Entrance Ceremony for the 2018 Academic Year
10 May. 2018
Hospital Visit by Taipei Medical University School of Healthcare Administration
29 Mar. 2018
Exchange Agreement with Medical University of Vienna School of Dentistry
26 Mar. 2018
2018 Showa University Graduation Ceremony
26 Mar. 2018
2018 Certificate Award Ceremony and Farewell Party
6 Mar. 2018
Sister School Agreement with Taipei Medical University
28 Feb. 2018
Lecture by Professor Noriko Salamon from UCLA
23 Jan. 2018
Showa University Ranked #6 Worldwide in Times Higher Education for Best Student-to-Staff Ratio
28 Dec. 2017
Mutual Clinical Training Affiliation Agreement with David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
22 Dec. 2017
Athlete Staff Selected as Members of the 2018 Winter Olympics Japan Women's National Ice Hockey Team
15 Dec. 2017
Title: 7th Madagascar Cleft Lip and Palate Medical Dispatch Report Meeting
13 Dec. 2017
Winter Illumination of Showa University’s Campuses
6 Dec. 2017
Visit by New Director of Global Health at the University of Hawaii
16 Nov. 2017
MOU Renewal with Taipei Medical University College of Medicine
23 Oct. 2017
Opening of Showa University Cleft Lip and Palate Center
5 Oct. 2017
7th Medical Cooperative Dispatch to Madagascar
13 Jul. 2017
2017 Welcome Party for International Fellows and List of Current Fellows
9 Jun. 2017
Showa University's Annual Commemoration Ceremony of Founder
24 May. 2017
2017 Certificate Award Ceremony and Farewell Party
20 Apr. 2017
Interview with President Koide Published in "Foreign Affairs" Magazine
17 Apr. 2017
Exchange Agreement Concluded with Taipei Medical University's College of Pharmacy
6 Jan. 2017
Video Introduction of Showa University -- English Version
4 Jan. 2017
New English website of the International Exchange Center
13 Jan. 2015
Introduction of postgraduate program for international students - School of Dentistry

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