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Research at the School of Pharmacy

Over 100 papers are annually published from 16 laboratories; these works receive high evaluation both domestically and from overseas.

Research in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is carried out in 16 departments and covers a wide area from basic to clinical sciences. The annual research publication report of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, covering all 16 departments, contains over 100 original papers with 90% in English. These papers are highly evaluated internationally, from the standpoint of their superb quality.

Also, the amount of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research awarded from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is among the top awards within schools of pharmaceutical science in private universities and private pharmaceutical colleges each year. One example of research achievements is Irinotecan which has saved many cancer patients all over the world. This anti-cancer agent was synthesized in a lab at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Showa University.

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