Undergraduate Programs

Most courses in the undergraduate programs at Showa University are taught in Japanese, because the national exams for medical practitioners are conducted all in Japanese. Therefore, all students in Showa University should be proficient in Japanese. 
Please also note that all international applicants are required to take the same entrance examinations as Japanese applicants, which are provided only in Japanese.
For information on where to make inquiries, etc., please visit our website (in Japanese) for prospective students.

Graduate Schools

Showa University’s graduate schools (Ph.D. courses) that are open to international students include the Graduate School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Dentistry, and the Graduate School of Pharmacy.
If you are interested in enrolling in any of these programs, please refer to the information on courses and departments, and send your inquiry to the relevant contact point.
As the recipient might not be an English speaker, please send inquiries by email.

List of academic majors

Contact point for inquiries

Graduate School Section, Academic Affairs Department, Showa University
Phone: 03-3784-8022

International Students, Researchers

The following page provides information on Showa University and how to get started with life in Japan, which is useful for international students and international research/training fellows.