Graduate School

大学院TOPShowa University Graduate School carries out the latest research and nurtures clinicians and researchers to be in charge of the next era, through collaboration of experts in the 4 schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing and rehabilitation sciences. Research is wide ranging with the vision to over-see the entire field of health-care. With the aim for the top research and education, the university provides detailed guidance respecting originality and supports many studies with research grants and novel equipment that are at the top level among private universities.

Graduate School of Medicine Ph.D. course

The 4-year doctoral program at the Graduate School of Medicine has a history dating back more than 50 years to its establishment in 1959. Students can focus in one of 5 research areas: Physiology, pathology, social medicine, internal medicine, and surgery. The Graduate School cultivates outstanding clinicians who can make vast contributions to the society. Both in basic and clinical medicine, the guidance is enthusiastic and is focused on nurturing superb healthcare providers who can practically apply his or her ability to a wide range of problems.

Graduate School of Dentistry Ph.D. course

The 4-year doctoral program at the Graduate School of Dentistry was founded in 1983. It cultivates advanced healthcare providers who are needed by the society, by polishing their ability to clarify and solve problems, which are important abilities for a clinician. Also, the school is enthusiastically challenging new research in several areas, such as the genetic basis of cavities, periodontal diseases, and oral cancer; oral functions such as swallowing and vocalization, which are important in the aging society; and the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.

Graduate School of Pharmacy Ph.D. course

The Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences was founded in 1969, and has two specialties of pharmaceutics and clinical pharmaceutics, In association with the further developments in the life sciences, such as genetic engineering and pharmaceutics, effort is poured into cultivating researchers to be in charge of the next era of pharmaceutical research and to nurture clinical pharmacists who, as a member of a medical team including physicians and nurses, exhibit an advanced specialized ability.

Graduate School of Health Sciences Master course / Ph.D. course

The Graduate School of Health Sciences was established in 2007 to provide a master's program in this field, subsequently expanding in 2012 to offer a doctoral program as well.
With the aim of systematizing knowledge and skill beyond the boundaries of differences in the qualifications obtained in the undergraduate school offers clinical practice and clinical research based on a high level of expertise.