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Humanity education possible only in a general medical university, and cultivation of reliable medical practitioners.

The features of education at Showa University include updates from professors at other school thus taking advantage of Showa University being a general medical university, and a vast array of clinical training at the 8 affiliated hospitals. Students, by experiencing the clinical setting from an early stage, can appreciate the dignity of life and learn with a clear sense of purpose. Also, with the teaching staff working on the front line, they can provide thorough instruction that is highly detailed. These features all lead to higher than national average passing rates of all national board exams.

With "Shisei Ikkan" being the founding spirit, the consistent social mission of Showa University is "intellectual production", "cultivation of personality" and "pursual of life science". We pour our effort into the nurturing of human resources with sound knowledge, skill and personality, in order to deliver quality patient-centered medical care.

The uniqueness of the education at Showa University is that the 1st year education for all four schools (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences) is carried out at the base of Mt. Fuji, the highest and most beautiful mountain in Japan, with all students staying in a dormitory. The peak of Mt. Fuji is at an altitude of 3,776 meters; it is located in the center of Japan, and it is an active volcano that has repeatedly erupted for almost 7,000 years. Although it has been quiet since the last eruption, which was about 300 years ago, because the repeated eruptions have caused disasters and flooding due to melted snow, Mt. Fuji has been awed as a spiritual height since ancient times.

The Showa campus is in Fujiyoshida-City, which holds a Shinto ritual "fire festival" at the end of August, when the summer mountain climbing season ends. The festival is filled with people admiring Mt. Fuji. It is a ceremony to calm down Mt. Fuji, which is considered to be the god of fire. Hundreds of large bon fires are lit, and burn into the night sky and many beautiful stars twinkle around Mt. Fuji. In such an environment, the Showa University students see the solemn and magnificent Mt. Fuji, and think and learn everyday. It is said that 'Not forgetting one's awe of something, leads to the dignity of life'. The spectacular nature is a great teacher. The students enter the university with motivation to learn, and receive nurturing in originality by directly experiencing the great spectacular nature, such as Mt. Fuji covered with snow in winter, burning with fire in the summer, and the fresh clear air.

They also gain a feeling of unity by living together with once-strangers. The education at Showa University, as a general medical university includes not only such "whole man" education mentioned above, but also an original and characteristic curriculum for nurturing human resources that can deliver effective patient-centered medical care, The education system stimulates the student$' motivation to learn, and generates great achievements, Also, by the introduction of a new education system utilizing computer network and multi-media materials, an up-to-date education and learning system is provided.

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