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Clinial Research Institute of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Showa University Clinical Research Center for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics has been established at Karasuyama Hospital (Setagaya, Tokyo) on October 6th 2011. The Center has 44 beds for clinical research. And 3 doctors who have broad experience about clinical development, especially Phase 1 trial, will handle clinical trials here. The activities at our center are conducted as official operations of educational corporation of Showa University. Therefore, we are straining to establish the structure that medical development for candidate drugs can be performed from Phase 1 here to Phase 2 (POC, POM etc) by all clinical departments of 9 Showa University hospitals. And also since Showa University is a general medical university, the center will make a contribution to the educational place for students, teaching staff and researchers in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences. In this way, we hope that the center and Showa University will be established to conduct an early and an exploratory phase of drug development in Japan which will contribute to delivering good medical candidates to patients as soon as possible. In addition to that, we also hope that our center will contribute to the development of all persons of the field of medicine.

Philosophy of CRI

Our Philosophy

  1. Clinical Research Institute (CRI) will conduct in early phase study (PhaseⅠ→POC、POM). Afterwards, we will support to conduct the following clinical study (Phase Ⅱ、Ⅲ) of the medical candidates at all Showa Univ. Hospitals. CRI will be contributed on the speed-up and the improvement of the quality of the clinical study, and then dissolve the drug lag in our country according with the collaboration of academy and the industry in this fields.
  2. CRI will also support to perform the clinical pharmacological research based on the physician’s clinical questions.
  3. CRI will educate the importance of the drug development and the clinical research. And CRI are going to the creation of the Intellectual Property. It will be related with the improvement of the physician’s evaluates.
  4. CRI will bring up human resource who contribute to the actual education and the research in School of Medicine, one of Pharmacy, one of Dental and one of Nursing and Rehabilitation Science as a global medical university.